Now available: The Array Editor for APL and MATLAB®

The Array Editor supports editing arrays that contain arbitrary arrangements, types, and amounts of data. You can edit arrays that:

The Array Editor displays your entire array, all at once. You can scroll up, down, left and right. When you want to focus on an array, maximize it. When you want to ignore arrays, minimize them.

The Array Editor uses an intuitive method for displaying arrays. You can easily spot differences in data types and arrangements. You can also search for character and numeric data. Use the Array Editor to find and fix problems in your arrays.

The Array Editor provides many tools for rearranging arrays. Use the Array Editor to arrange your data for easy and efficient access.

The Array Editor provides application independent clipboard support. Use the Array Editor to copy data between APL systems, MATLAB, and Microsoft® Excel®.

Ever wondered why there wasn't a really good way to edit arrays? Well wonder no more, there is now.

Consult the Array Editor for more information.

Help for application developers

davidliebtag.com provides tools and consulting which supplement array processing systems.

If you ever wished your system would do something more easily or faster, or if you simply can't figure out how to make it do what you want, davidliebtag.com may be able to help.

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